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THE movie - The Science of Sleep [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Science of Sleep

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THE movie [Aug. 17th, 2006|11:32 pm]
The Science of Sleep


yesterday i went to the cinema here in paris to see 'the science of sleep'

and i must admit i was a bit disappointed...
i mean, i didn't think about it since, nothing came to my mind as it had happenend after 'eternal sunshine' so i'm not sure but i think it didn't have the same impact on me
why's that? well i have the feeling that there are too many things to watch, to pay attention to, as if michel had wanted to show everything he could do in a 2 hour-long movie
so maybe i didn't catch the good stuff, i dunno
and also this whole intrigue that we had in 'eternal sunshine' doesn't exist here, the story is a bit disordered as it's about dreams and real world...it just looks like a first movie, but that's what it is right? his own screenplay, his own tongue, his own choices actually
it's a step forward and i can't wait for the next one, because 'the science of sleep' is a sort of trial run, i know he can do better

anyway i'm planning to go and see it once again, to discover things i hadn't noticed the first time, that's how gondry's movies work: you have to watch them more than once!

i LMFAO though

[User Picture]From: elehpant
2006-12-31 02:43 pm (UTC)
I think it was very good - everything just fell into place... the characters, the music, the directing, the animations and the story. It was simply beautiful and so sincere...
I think your problem is that you probably had very high expectations when you went to see it. Definitely watch it again a few times, I'm sure you'll start to see it's as good as Eternal Sunshine... although I think Science of Sleep was even better.

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